What People Are Saying

Just wanted to let you know that we flew the [theatrical] set to and from Costa Rica in your boxes and I am super amazed at how sturdy, light, and durable they are. The festival lost our skid so the boxes were sent back without one and still the boxes held up to the extra abuse. Not to mention the boxes were out in the rain for a bit and not a drop of water got in. I’m so pleased I found you guys!

FD, Boston, MA


We have been very happy with our Benson Boxes. They are a LOT more durable than we imagined.

RW, Chanhassen, MN
Durability: – Up to 1" cross corrugated side wall thickness – Long-lasting interchangeable and replaceable customized urethane foam interior

Low Cost: – As low as 1/5 the price of ATA style cases – Estimated cost per turn $ 0.50 to $ 3.00 – Huge savings on your shipping and drayage costs

Customization: – Foam interiors are designed specifically for your valuable assets
. (design fees may apply on orders of less than $1,500 in value) – 9 popular colors available
. (subject to in-stock colors on orders of less than 50 units) – Screen print your information on up to 4 sides
. (available on orders of greater than 50 units, silk screen and setup fees apply)

Protection: – Foam interiors are custom designed to ensure correct placement of asset within the container – Security seal guards against tampering during transit – Water/moisture-resistant plastic outer shell

Lightweight: – 1/3 to 1/5 the weight of ATA style cases – Lightweight design provides savings on shipping and drayage costs

Easy to Use: – Velcro® fastening eliminates costs associated with container sealing – Customized foam interior ensures instant and correct packing of assets