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I received the Benson Boxes this afternoon, right on schedule. Nice job. They look great and I am anxious to use them. We should be shipping our equipment in them within the next day or two.

DM, Corning, NY


I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your service and production. First, you were able to turn around our order on very short notice, and that helped us tremendously. Second, the box you sent to us worked out perfectly. Thank you again for everything you did to help us.

WL, San Francisco, CA

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what is benson boxThe Benson Box™ is a unique, reusable shipping container which has been proven as the most effective lightweight shipping solution by the world's largest computer manufacturers.

Its patented design was introduced by Freight Mate in 1995 for computer products which required reshipping. Since that time, the Benson Box™ has been used for a variety of applications for fragile items requiring shipping and reshipping solutions including computers, audio-visuals, biomedical devices, and aircraft parts, among others.

The Benson Box™ is uniquely designed with a telescoping top providing a double layer of protection on all four sides when closed. The inner bottom has a shock absorbing lining with multiple layers of corrugated plastic and foam as does the lid. The upper and lower sections of the box are fastened with Velcro® and a security seal is attached to provide a tamper-proof closure.

The interior foam of the Benson Box™ is custom-designed to provide a specific configuration for the particular product to be shipped, such as computers, audio visuals, biomedical devices or other fragile products. The closed container's four corrugated layers, along with the resilient foam lining, provide superior protection against penetration and damage to its fragile contents.

The Benson Box™ affords a shipping solution that features a lightweight, durable, water resistant container providing exceptional asset protection at a low acquisition cost. Its ease of use, reusability for shipping cycles covering several years and savings in freight expenses make it a very cost effective solution unequaled by the use of other reusable shipping containers.

With 9 color choices and the ability to print your logo on the Benson Box™, you have the additional benefit of name recognition without an additional advertising cost.

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