What People Are Saying

I got my [Benson] boxes a few weeks ago, and I need to let you know that they were absolutely perfect! Thank you for working with me on the details. I couldn’t have expected anything better suited to my needs.”

JB, Sacramento, CA


Thanks for all your hard work. We use our [Benson] boxes all the time and they really do hold up after shipping and abuse.

MF, Minneapolis, MN

Freight Mate offers a variety of special shipping applications, which are limited only by the ingenuity of our Design Team. Some examples of special shipping applications manufactured by Freight Mate are described below.


portfolio case

Portfolio-Style Boxes

Special portfolio boxes have been designed for a variety of items including graphic artwork, paintings, tradeshow displays, and TouchScreen overlays. These boxes have a flap top with Velcro® closures. A strap can be added to the top for ease in handling.

Each Portfolio-Style Box is custom-designed for a particular product. Therefore, the box's dimensions and the thickness of the foam padding will vary for each specific shipping application.


palletbottomPallet Bottom Boxes


For heavy items, a custom-made, wooden pallet bottom can be added to most Benson Box™ designs. The custom-designed pallet is permanently affixed to the bottom of the Benson Box™.


Freight Mate has designed a number of different boxes with wooden pallet bottoms for use with heavy printers, plotters, servers, and other equipment that is more easily moved about with the use of a forklift or a pallet Jack. 


casterboxBenson Boxes with Casters


Customers frequently request that casters be added to a Benson Box™ design. This special shipping application is most often utilized for boxes which are made to transport heavy items. Only heavy-duty casters are used, two of which can be locking. These casters are permanently affixed to the Benson Box™ by way of wooden caster boards, which are placed both inside and outside of the bottom of the box. Some customers have requested a stacking application with the use of special Velcro® strips in order to stack additional boxes on a caster-fitted Benson Box™.


woodcrateWooden Crates

Freight Mate has designed and manufactured a variety of large wooden crates for sensitive and heavy items such as trade show demo units, prototype instruments, and complex electronic and mechanical devices. These crates usually have a foam lined interior. The specific crate design will depend upon the item to be transported. Some wooden crates have included ramp doors and other special features for loading and unloading the item to be shipped.

Most wooden crates have a pallet bottom. However, some have heavy-duty casters and some wooden crates have been designed with both a pallet bottom and casters for additional flexibility.

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