The plastic shell used to fabricate the patented Benson Box™ reusable shipping and storage container lends itself to two distinct print options. By adding a print logo, the Benson Box™ immediately becomes an effective advertising tool.

Some customers also add "identifiers" which enable them to identify the product contents of the box at a glance. Other print information includes "Return To" addresses, fragile warnings, "Up" arrows, and special instructions.

Screen Print Option

The screen printing option allows a customer to print information on all five sides of the box's top.

Screen print is usually done in a single color and is most cost-effective for larger quantity purchases. Screen printing is very durable and is the preferred print method for many of the Benson Box™ customers. Customers frequently select the color of the plastic shell and the screen print color to match their existing advertising theme and colors. Customers are requested to provide art work in an EPS or other acceptable electronic file format.

Two-color screen print is available at an additional charge. All screen printing is out-sourced and a set-up charge is required for every order and for each different size box ordered. 

Vinyl Print

For smaller orders of one to twenty boxes, vinyl print is available in one or two colors. This vinyl process is the same one used on delivery trucks and is generally very durable as well as cost-effective for smaller orders. Customer logos are to be provided in an EPS or other acceptable electronic file format. A small set-up charge may be applicable for vinyl print layouts. 

Special Vinyl Stickers

For Benson Boxes that do not include screen print, we highly recommend that customers utilize "Opening/Closing Instruction" and "Do Not Cut Velcro®" vinyl stickers which are placed on each end of the Benson Box™. These informative stickers serve to assure that persons are notified that this is a reusable shipping container, is easy to use, and requires no cutting to open the box. 

Request a Print Option

Customers are encouraged to request the inclusion of a "print option" in their no-obligation quotation. Your customer account manager will be glad to include the print option that is most cost-effective for the quantity being quoted. ➤ Click Here for free quotes