The pictures shown below are examples of some of the various products for which custom foam interiors have been designed for specific shipping applications. These pictures show only the interior bottom of the Benson Box™ with the actual product included. A custom designed foam interior is fabricated for each Benson Box™ shipping application.

Bionix sm

Chick-fil-a sm
City-of-San-Antonio sm
David-Vied sm
Debit-Technologies sm
E-Company sm
FCTi-Dispenser sm
GBL-Blue sm
Invivo-Diagostic sm
Mc-Callan sm
Megatronics sm
National-Instruments sm
National-Procedures sm
NMR sm
Pet-Medical sm
Philips sm
PMA sm
Screen sm
Smart-Source sm
Smart-Source-hp sm
Smart-Source-touchsmart sm
Tech-Ed sm
Western sm