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Why Benson Box®:Plastic Shipping Containers and Boxes

When you ship a fragile or expensive item, you need to know that it’s safe. The patented, shock-resistant Benson Box® is the solution. With a soft urethane foam interior that’s custom-designed to hold your product and a sturdy cross-corrugated plastic shell, your item is not only secure and ready to ship, but you’ll be able to reuse the box through multiple shipping cycles.

what can you ship in a Benson Box®?

The only limit is the size of the item and your imagination. Here are examples of the items our clients entrust to Benson Box®:

  • Medical equipment
  • Aerospace & aircraft parts
  • Surgical instruments
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Computers
  • 80” large screen TVs
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Electronics
  • Rare artifacts
  • Point-of-sale electronic registers
  • TV cameras
  • Musical instruments
  • Rare art objects
  • Wedding gowns
  • Priceless works of art
  • And more!

Benson Box® is a more efficient, reliable alternative to traditional plastic shipping containers and boxes. Here’s how we stack up:

Benson Box®


Cardboard & Styrofoam

Benson Box®
Durable. Patented Benson Boxes are made from corrugated plastic and are engineered to withstand shocks and impacts, and to be easily re-used for up to 50, 75, or even 100 shipping cycles. A telescoping top slides over the bottom to provide a double layer of protection.

Easy to use and reuse. Velcro fasteners allow easy opening and closing, and a tamper-resistant feature allows the box to be sealed prior to shipping.

Water-resistant. The water- and moisture-resistant plastic outer shell protects the contents from bad weather or other moisture.

Cardboard & Styrofoam
Original manufacturer’s boxes will usually work well for one shipment. More often than not, Styrofoam inserts get broken, the cardboard gets damaged, and the box becomes unusable for either shipping or storing fragile items.

It’s often difficult to reassemble the packaging in an original equipment box to use it again. Cardboard boxes also require additional shipping supplies to secure and prepare for transit.

Cardboard deteriorates and loses its integrity when exposed to moisture or wet weather, leaving its contents vulnerable to water damage.

Benson Box



Benson Box® Plastic Shipping Containers and Boxes
Shock-resistant. Our patented design actually “gives” when dropped, absorbing impacts without transferring it to the contents.

Lightweight. From 4 pounds and up, Benson Box® is easier to handle and saves money on shipping costs.

Durability. Reusable Benson Boxes are designed to withstand dozens of uses, making them a cost-effective shipping solution.

With an exterior made of hard plastic or plywood, energy from a drop or impact can pass through the rigid exterior to the items inside.

Trunk-style ATA cases are heavier, typically starting from 17 pounds, making shipping more expensive.

Impact to a molded plastic or plywood-based case can damage the exterior, ruining the case and affecting the contents.

Whatever you’re shipping, protect it with a Benson Box®!
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“I got my [Benson] boxes a few weeks ago, and I need to let you know that they were absolutely perfect! Thank you for working with me on the details. I couldn’t have expected anything better suited to my needs.”

JB, Sacramento, CA