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Our Customers

Companies from throughout the U.S. and around the world rely on Benson Box® for secure, safe, and smart shipping. Benson Box® serves clients in every industry, including:


Medical & Healthcare – More Info

The first choice for safely shipping equipment


Aerospace & aircraft Parts – More Info

A trusted leader in shipping fragile items

Retail & point of sale equipment

When a point-of-sale register malfunctions at a retail store or fast food restaurant, Benson Box® makes it easy to get back in business fast. Our boxes provide an efficient, safe way to ship out a replacement unit and return defective equipment for repair. One client, a large retail operation with 6,000 locations, keeps 200 spare units in Benson Boxes to immediately replace equipment via overnight courier.

military & government

Several military, state, local, and federal government agencies use custom-designed Benson Boxes, including the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy Underwater Weapon Systems, the USDA, the VA, the SBA, FEMA, and NASA, among others. Defense contractors trust Benson Box® for the shipment of sensitive and fragile equipment, which is often classified and requires special handling.

rental & tradeshow exhibitors

Companies renting audiovisual, computers, large screen TVs, and other electronic equipment rely on Benson Box® to preserve their valuable rental assets in both shipping and storage.

universities & Colleges

Dozens of major universities and colleges use custom-designed Benson Boxes for a variety of shipping and storage applications, including electronics, research equipment, audiovisual equipment, rare artifacts, and priceless works of art.

arts & entertainment

From shipping network broadcasting equipment to the Olympics to safely transporting expensive musical instruments and rare art objects around the world, Benson Box® is a trusted brand for clients in these industries.

sales Teams & Demos

The patented Benson Box® is an ideal shipping and storage solution for tradeshow exhibits and expensive and fragile demo units. Benson Boxes assure both protection of the product and ease in shipping.

Insurance / Disaster Response

Benson Box® helps insurance companies respond quickly to disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and tornados with custom-designed containers for shipping laptop computers, printers, PBX systems, and other equipment for use by claims adjustors.

and more!

Custom-designed Benson Boxes have safely, securely transported items from hunting trophies to wedding gowns to mascot costumes. The most expensive item shipped in a custom-designed Benson Box® was valued at $250,000.

“I received the Benson Boxes this afternoon, right on schedule. Nice job. They look great and I am anxious to use them. We should be shipping our equipment in them within the next day or two.”

DM, Corning, NY