What People Are Saying

By the way, I’ve shipped our old iMacs all over the country in your boxes. They’ve been left on convention center docks in the cold and rain in places like Detroit, Chicago and New York during the winter. They’ve sat in warehouses in Vegas and Phoenix during the summer. In addition to the many miles they travel each year, they’ve been dropped, knocked over, and abused by every freight company in the nation, but I’ve never had a single iMac damaged during transit. So I figured that I needed to get new Benson Boxes for the new iMacs because there’s no way I’m shipping them in anything else.

BW, Dallas, TX


We have received the Black Benson Boxes and they are perfect for our needs. This is great; the speed of delivery was totally awesome. I really appreciate your working with me so closely to insure that things turned out so well. Thank you ever so much and have a great day.

KT, Seattle, WA
who we servePurchasers of the patented Benson Box™ come from a large customer base, currently consisting of some 3,000 customers in all 50 United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia, among other geographic locations. Many of our customers are Fortune 500 Companies. Most Benson Box™ users fall into one of the general categories listed below.

 Rental & Trade Show Exhibitors

Those companies which rent audio visual, computers, large screen TVs, and other electronic equipment make up a large segment of our customer base. These companies want to preserve their valuable rental assets and have found the best way to do so is with a Benson Box™ for both shipping and storage.

Original manufacturer's boxes will usually work well for one shipment. Unfortunately, most users find it very difficult to reassemble the polystyrene packing in an original equipment box. More often than not, the styrofoam™ (polystyrene) insert gets broken, the cardboard gets torn, and the box becomes unsatisfactory for either shipping or storing the fragile item in which it was originally shipped. Conversely, the reusable Benson Box™ with its soft urethane foam interior that has been custom-designed for the particular product to go in that box, protects the product for multiple shipping and storage. Moreover, the patented Benson Box™ cross-corrugated plastic shell with its telescoping top provides about one-inch of additional protection to protect fragile products. Velcro® fasteners allow easy opening and closing. And, a tamper resistant feature allows the box to be sealed prior to shipping.

 Medical Equipment / Health Care

A number of medical equipment manufacturers and users have found that the Benson Box™ is the perfect solution for shipping and reshipping their fragile medical devices. This industry has quickly become a growing market for the Benson Box™. All types of medical equipment are being shipped in Benson Boxes to include spinal implants, surgical instruments, orthopedic equipment, medical training simulators, marketing display kits, and tradeshow exhibits.

 Aerospace & Aircraft Parts

Aircraft parts are expensive, fragile, and often need to be expedited by next-day-shipping couriers such as FedEx® and UPS®. Aircraft parts suppliers frequently want the "core part" to be returned to them. Thus, the Benson Box™ is an ideal solution for shipping the new part as well as returning the "core part" back to the parts supplier.

Typical costs of gasoline engine aircraft parts are $1,500 to $3,000. And, since some jet engine parts are valued at $30,000 or more, the Benson Box™ provides an ideal solution for shipping these fragile and expensive items in order to avoid damage during transit.

 Retail & Point of Sale Equipment

Many of the Benson Box™ customers are retail, fast-food, and restaurant operations which require the use of point-of-sale electronic registers/computers. A number of these companies keep spare point-of-sale registers/computers in Benson Boxes at their central offices. When a unit malfunctions at a location, the central office ships a replacement overnight in a custom-designed Benson Box™. The broken part is then shipped back to the central office in the same Benson Box™ where it is repaired or replaced and stored in the same Benson Box™ pending the next time a replacement unit is needed. One large retail operation with 6,000 locations keeps 200 spare units in Benson Boxes in order to assure that any equipment failure at any one of its retail sites is immediately replaced via overnight courier.

 Military / Government

Custom-designed Benson Boxes have been made for various military, state, local, and federal government agencies to include the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy Underwater Weapon Systems, the USDA, the VA, the SBA, FEMA, NASA, and the State of Missouri, among others. In addition, Benson Boxes have been purchased by defense contractors for the shipment of sensitive and fragile equipment which is often classified and requires special handling. Freight Mate is glad to work with any and all government agencies in an attempt to protect their fragile assets and to provide the most cost effective shipping solutions available.

 Universities / Colleges

A number of major universities and colleges utilize Benson Box™ for a variety of shipping and storage applications. These customers include the University of Texas at Austin, Princeton University, the University of California at Davis, and the University of Calgary in Canada. Also included as Benson Box™ customers are the University of Oklahoma, the University of Florida, the University of Indiana, the University of Washington, and the University of Miami. Other universities which have purchased Benson Boxes include Texas A & M University, Brandeis University, Rutgers University, and the University of Iowa. Those Benson Boxes purchased by universities include shipping and storage containers which were custom-designed for electronics, research equipment, audiovisual equipment, rare artifacts, and priceless works of art.


Freight Mate has worked closely with several organizations involved in the sports and entertainment industries. ESPN has utilized Benson Boxes for transporting equipment to sporting events. Benson Boxes were designed for television broadcasting equipment shipped to the summer Olympics in London, England. Some of the Benson Box™ designs included TV cameras and recording equipment and large, outdoor TV screens. Other Benson Box™ designs have included expensive musical instruments and rare art objects.

 Sales Team / Demos

The patented Benson Box™ has proven to be an ideal shipping and storage solution for tradeshow exhibits and expensive and fragile demo units. Benson Boxes have been designed for sales demo kits in order to assure both protection of the product and ease in shipping. One international company which develops instrumentation for trade show demos is a major Benson Box™ customer. This company currently uses Benson Boxes to ship their demo units throughout the industrialized world.

 Insurance / Disaster Response

In order to respond to disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and tornados, one major insurance company has purchased a large quantity of custom-designed Benson Boxes for the shipment of laptop computers, printers, PBX systems, and other equipment for use by claims adjustors. The lightweight, durable Benson Box™ is an ideal solution for rapid response shipments to disaster areas. Other disaster-relief companies have used Benson Boxes to ship equipment to disaster areas in order to sustain business operations until regular electrical service can be restored.

 Private / Personal / Unique

Benson Boxes have been designed for a number of unique shipping applications. A hunter ordered a custom-designed Benson Box™ to be shipped to Alaska in order to pack the head and hide of a grizzly bear in dry ice to be subsequently shipped to a taxidermist via overnight courier to another state. Other unique Benson Box™ designs have included mascot costumes for companies and sports teams ("Homer D. Poe," "tugaboos®," and the WNBA Silver Stars' "Silver Fox" mascot are examples). Human Skeletons and mannequins of various types and sizes are some of the other unique products for which a Benson Box ™ shipping container has been designed.

Some customers have purchased a Benson Box™ for use for a single, one-time shipment, justifying its cost based on the value of the item being shipped. The most expensive item shipped in a custom-designed Benson Box™ was valued at $250,000.

The only limitation for a Benson Box™ is perhaps the overall size of the item to be shipped and a particular purchaser's imagination.