What People Are Saying

I have received the 50 boxes and they are fantastic, exactly what I wanted. The color and [company] logo on the sides really make an impression, they are a big hit here at the office. You folks did a great job and I am soaking up all of the accolades here. If you ever need a reference I will be happy to give one…these boxes exceeded my expectations, thank you!

AR, Chesapeake, VA

bensonbox officeFreight Mate, the exclusive Benson Box™ was organized in 1992 in San Antonio, Texas. It is a woman-owned small business enterprise.

The corporation was founded to manufacture lightweight and reusable containers for computer products. Its initial customer is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world.

Initially, the product was produced from corrugated cardboard material and it now is exclusively manufactured from corrugated plastic. It was issued a United States Patent in 1995 and was granted a Canadian Patent in 2003. A new patent application was filed with the United States Patent Office in 2007, which covers additional innovations for the Benson Box™ line of products.

The product was given the name Benson Box™ since the design concept was approved by C. T. Benson as a shipping container for use by one of the world's largest computer manufacturers.

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