Lightweight – Low Cost –  Better Protection

Reusable Lightweight Plastic Shipping and Storage Containers

  Freight Mate’s Benson Box™ offers a less expensive, reusable and lightweight corrugated plastic shipping container for shipping fragile items requiring a custom-designed foam interior. Benson Box™ containers are lighter, less expensive and provide better protection, thereby saving your company money.
A 5 year old well-traveled Benson Box™   Benson Box™ vs. ATA Style Cases   Let us do the work.

5yrboxThe Benson Box™ is constructed to last over numerous shipping cycles.

Replaces ATA Cases, Audio Visual Shipping Cases
& Equipment Carrying Cases
Benson Box Compare-new

Each one of our boxes are custom made to fit your exact specificaitons and shipping needs. Call on Benson Box™ to create your next shipping solution.